Bianyo USA is more just a faceless brand

We’re a family of humans, of artists, of creators.


Established in 2019, Bianyo USA is a leading name in high-quality marker pens and accessories. We are passionate about art, which is our therapy and life’s greatest healer. In testing times of trials and tribulations, we turn to art to release pent-up anger, to express our feelings, and to heal the spirit. Art makes us free, playing a critical role in our everyday lives. We know you know what we’re talking about.

Our Story

Art is the most powerful form of self-expression, no matter your tools of mass creation, whether you’re feeling happy, sad, wistful, joyful, or somewhere in-between. Art is the light that guides us through the dark, and atBianyo USA, we believe the ability to create should be available to (and accessible by) everyone.

Bianyo marker pen

From drawing pads to paints to trusty office essentials, we stock it all - although our specialty is marker pens. We stock one of the web’s widest rangers of marker pens, which come in two different types of ink: Water, and Alcohol-Based. The type of marker pen you need will depend on the desired usage. For example, water-based acrylic markers are ideal for traditional paper, metal, stone, wood, and plastic. While alcohol-based inks are best suited to Bianyo Marker Paper it will blend well and won’t penetrate the ink through paper. The best part of Bianyo marker pen is that when run out of ink, customer can purchase individual color pack of refill ink.

variety of marker pen

We know marker pens like the back of our hands, from permanent to non-permanent (dry erase),felt tips, highlighters, and everything in-between. We are proud to stock the industry’s widest variety of marker pen types, point sizes, and colors, with refreshing options for artists and writers. We are passionate about empowering our customers to add a splash of color to their creative projects, through the power of the trusty marker pen.
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